Customer Letter for COVID-19 Pandemic Response

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Below is a letter from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences President Greg Milosevich available to customers about our company's response and operational impact from COVID-19. You can also download a copy of the letter. 


March 13, 2020

Dear Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Customers,

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus disease, now known as COVID-19 and the spread of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), continues to cause much anxiety in our communities, our country, and the world.  We are writing to update you on how Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is responding to the growing threat of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID -19. 

Shortly after SARS-CoV-2 caused the COVID-19 outbreak in China, we began reviewing and implementing our Pandemic Response Plan, which is part of our overall Business Continuity Plan. The Pandemic Response Plan outlines specific steps Beckman Coulter Life Sciences takes to safeguard our associates’ health, safety, and well-being during a pandemic, while ensuring the Company’s ability to maintain essential operations and continue providing essential products and services to our customers. The Pandemic Response Plan will also help us to tackle additional challenges should the outbreak in any of the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences locations escalate further and require additional countermeasures.

After reviewing the risk assessment protocols of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), we activated our Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Crisis Management Team (BEC LS CMT) as outlined in our Business Continuity Plan. The BEC LS CMT team is addressing workforce safety and protection, supply chain management and risks, travel and facility access restrictions, and quarantine measures as defined in our Plan. 

To date we have:

  • Communicated best practices for protecting employee health to our associates, and implemented site cleaning requirements. 
  • Asked employees who are ill to stay home.
  • Implemented employee travel restrictions, and are restricting anyone having traveled to or through any restricted countries from entry into any Company facility for 14 days.
  • Restricted large associate gatherings/meetings, and instituted social distancing within our sites.
  • Used existing systems for remote video meetings—and are requiring their further use for ongoing interactions between our offices, and for customer and business partner meetings.
  • Implemented tracking and monitoring of visitors to our sites.

We also know that our customers have specific questions on our business continuity plans for our supply chain, as well as our customer service and field service operations. While for security reasons we do not share the specific details of our business continuity plans, the following is a brief overview of key steps related to these key operations.

  • Our Pandemic Response Plan will classify our customer service and field service as essential employees whose jobs are critically important to the Company’s continued support of our customers. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, the Company expects essential personnel to be available and on premises for work during a pandemic. In extreme cases, essential personnel may be directed to work from home. This would be considered a situational or episodic telecommute scenario.
  • Our manufacturing footprint has multiple locations geographically distanced so that in the event a pandemic becomes critical in any one location, we are able to shift production, in most cases, to unaffected alternative sites.
  • As a response to the current situation, we are accelerating the deployment of BeckmanConnect, our remote troubleshooting technical solution where our highly trained service experts can, at your request, get real-time secured connectivity to your system.  Using this connection we can remotely troubleshoot—live—to solve issues that do not require on-site intervention, thereby securing your uptime and instrument availability, and limiting business operation disruption.
  • BeckmanConnect sessions are fully secured using encrypted technology, with permission-based communication controls, ensuring the highest security compliance to protect your critical data.  Eligible instruments are the Vi-CELL BLU cell viability analyzer, Biomek 4000, Biomek NX/NXp, Biomek FX/FXp, Biomek i-Series workstations, and CytoFLEX series instruments that have controller operating system Windows 7 or higher. Please contact us immediately to enroll for free with BeckmanConnect at
  • The senior management team of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences takes the COVID-19 threat seriously, and we are taking all reasonable measures to prepare for and mitigate the risk of COVID-19, and the virus that causes it, to our associates, our customers and our business. 
    We wish good health and safety to all our customers, suppliers, and business partners and their employees and families.

Best regards,

Greg Milosevich 
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences