Biomek Tube Rack

This 24-position Tube Rack holds various sizes of glass, polystyrene, and polypropylene tubes, Microfuge tubes, and cryovials. Use inserts to ensure proper tube fit.

24-Position Tube Rack for Quanta Series — 373661

Biomek Tube Rack Inserts

Color-coded inserts of various diameters for use in conjunction with the Biomek 24-position Tube Rack to provide the proper fit for your tubes.

10 mm (black) — 373699

11 mm (white) — 373696

12 mm (red) — 373698

13 mm (blue) — 373697

1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tubes

1.5mL Microcentrifuge Tubes

Polypropylene microcentrifuge tubes with a 1.5mL capacity that come in a variety of colors to help differentiate your samples. When used in conjunction with the 11mm White Biomek Tube Rack Inserts these tubes will fit in the Biomek 24-position Tube Rack.

Clear — 356090

Blue — 356091

Yellow — 356093

Orange — 356094

Natural — 357448

Biomek Cap Mats

Tightly seal 96 Round Deep-Well Microplates (1mL). Research-grade silicone creates a barrier to minimize moisture exchange. Mats are alphanumerically labeled.

Non-Sterile — 267002

Sterile — 267005

Biomek Aluminum Foil Seals

Tightly seal 96 or 384 Deep-Well Plates. Utilize the foil seal roller to ensure complete plate sealing and help reduce contamination and evaporation in your wells. Foil seals are pierceable.



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