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IOTest 3 Fixative Solution

The IOTest3 Fixative Solution allows whole blood or bone marrow specimen preparation by fixing the cell suspension after erythrolysis during immunophenotyping procedures. At least one wash is required between the lysis and the fixation steps. The IOTest3 Fixative Solution is optimized to work in combination with the IOTest3 Lysing Solution. IOTest Fixative Solution is a formaldehyde-based fixative solution designed for flow cytometry. This reagent is provided as a concentrated solution in PBS.

ThromboFIX Platelet Stabilizer

The ThromboFix Platelet stabilizer extends the window for platelet analysis by ensuring that the platelets cannot be induced to a new functional state, for example, activated. Platelet Stabilizer preserves platelets in their current state at the time of preparation. The ThromboFix Platelet stabilizer may be used in conjunction with platelet monoclonal antibody-dye conjugates for flow cytometric analysis.

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